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We are in ECC 6.0 with document splitting functionality. We have Costing based COPA. We do not have product costing however. Business wants the MM consumption postings to post to COPA because SD posts the product and other characteristics to COPA. (so consumption is also to be posted to COPA to arrive at Gross Profit margin). In OKB9, we have valuation area mandatory which prevents us to tick the Checkbox for Prof segment. We have made necessary config settings in COPA like PA transfer structure, KEPA, KE4G (for Business transaction RMWA) , KEVG2 as well as Characteristic value for Product group (which is the one we need to bring in to COPA) etc. Our goods movement (mvt type 201) picks up GL Account and cost center based on OBYC settings. However we want Proft segment as True cost object and Cost center as Statistical. We have made the Field status group of Mvt type 201 for Prof segment as “mandatory” and for GL as Optional. We are not going to use MB1A (manual goods issues).


How to bring the Prof segment (we have a characteristic Product group to be brought to COPA). What options are available to us?.


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COPA- Transfer from MMHelp!

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